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Message from the Chairman

jassim-al-bastaki-350-x Envelope Investment was founded on the basis of pure business passion with a rock solid foundation that we reinforce continuously. These foundations, is what drives our success with footprints in the United Arab Emirates and across the globe. In this age of globalization, we continue to grow at a breathtaking speed as we view the world as our marketplace.

From our humble beginning of one coffee shop brand to a portfolio of brands spanning multiple industries, the journey has been tough with its fair share of trials and tribulations but the experience has been incredible with many lessons learned.  Every time we fell down we stood right back up because we believed. Believed in our foundations, our vision, our mission, our values and never shying away from working hard and putting effort needed to grow.

Our values: Integrity, Transparency, Vitality, Honesty, and Empowerment are inculcated in every one of our employees. From the very start, we imbedded a sense of pragmatism in the culture of the group. It is this pragmatism that has not only seen us through the most difficult of times but also allowed us to achieve greater success during times of economic growth.

For us, the journey has been a long one but we see it as just the beginning of bigger things to come. The organizations employees have been empowered and fully equipped to take this organization to unimaginable heights.