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Corporate Social Responsibility


Our main focus is to strengthen the local economy and contributing in the betterment of the society as a whole. As an impact investing company, Envelope Investment ranks corporate social responsibility as high as financial profits in importance. We have several different initiatives within our portfolio of ventures with an ultimate aim to create businesses that are aware of the importance of sustainability in the modern business world. In 2011 we signed an agreement with Dubai Charity where 5% of our proceeds from our Café2go brand will go directly to Dubai Charity and collectively we will initiate and build projects across the globe. In 2014 our collective efforts were fruitful and we built a school in Mali by the name of “Emirates National School” for the less fortunate. With our Food2go General Trading Brand we kicked off another initiative in 2012 which ensure ethical sourcing of coffee beans where only procure the beans from farmers and roasters that use ethical and fair trade practices.

In 2014 we launched a mentorship program which aims to grow and empower local latent, giving them guidance and experience to ultimately promote the local economy and encourage others youths towards entrepreneurship.