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Selection Process


Our process is grounded on wisdom gained thru successful investing during numerous market cycles including times of economic triumph and turbulence. No matter what is happening in the global markets, Envelope Investment always adheres to the defined components of our investment process which is the underpinning of our long-term investment results. As a global value investor, Envelope Investment goes anywhere in the world to identify companies that pass its rigorous “value” screening and selection process

Envelope investment generates a vast array of investment ideas across our global platform and throughout our network. Our investment approach is dynamic and decisive and through our defined process we can filter opportunities while focusing on the investments that are beneficial.

Our investment opportunities are generated in multiple ways such as:

  1. Our business professionals recognize and capitalize on potential opportunities arising from studying industry trends and economic conditions.
  2. Private entrepreneurs or enterprises approaching us directly seeking partnerships – not only for venture capital investment but also for our expertise, knowledge and the network that we can contribute.
  3. Enterprises looking to expand their brand through means of franchising and do not have the necessary expertise, time, manpower, or capital.