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KONO PIZZAKono Pizza has discovered how to -implement delicious ingredients into its menus without packing on the calories. A standard piece of vegetable pizza contains on average 450 calories. Comparatively, a margherita cone from Kono Pizza, which includes turkey, swiss, tomato, lettuce and the cone itself, totals just 250 calories. With the cone’s low-moisture cheese and thinner crust, the majority of this franchise’s cones are between 250-280 calories a piece. Because of the product’s unique shape, the pizza cone is  perfect for on-the-go consumers because it tends to be mess-free.

Due to the pizza industry’s continual growth and popularity not just in the UAE, but around the world, consumers have shown that pizza franchises are here to stay. As pizza franchises adapt to consumer lifestyle and taste trends, the fresh and calorie friendly pizza industry proves to be a great value for the money as they will experience growth and enduring profitability.