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Chai Makani

chai-makani-logoThe concept of chai place or “Tea Room” has taken center stage for many years, with discussions on life, society and politics happening over a hot cup of chai. It was a place that brought together a diverse range of people to sit, relax and enjoy a cup of chai. Whether it was a regular karak chai shared after work, an irani chai with bun maska over a meeting or with a prospective life partner, a hot adrak chai in the morning to wake you up – chai has been a part of every social setting. Yet somewhere along the line, this rich heritage of chai was lost and took a backseat – taken over by the multinational coffee chains.

Chai Makani was born out of this premise – a contemporary interpretation of the chai place, serving freshly made chai. Our focus is on serving we like to call “My Chai”, a chai made exactly to our customers’ liking the minute they place their order – be it an adrak tulsi kadak chai or a paani kam elaichi cinnamon chai. Our option of different add-ons gives our customers many ways to customize their chai to their likings at Chai Makani

Along with a perfectly blended cup of chai, Chai Makani also serves freshly made snacks & sandwiches making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to come together and wanting to get away from everything.